If you own a towing business you are about to be regulated and here is what you need to know!

The towing industry is under scrutiny and it looks like it’s about to undergo some major regulations. Even though the bill has not been passed as law if you own a towing truck business it might be worth your while to take note of the below.

Why is this industry under scrutiny?

According an article published by SANews, Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, said he was planning on amending the Provincial Road Traffic Act in a bid to regulate the towing industry in the province. This comes after many complaints received by the MEC’s office which include allegations of tow trucks operators  bribing police officers to get first notification on an accident occurrence, recommending panel beaters who pay commission to towing personnel, reckless driving and charging excessive towing fees and failing to disclose the correct price before providing towing services to motorist.

The amendment to the Act will help to better govern the towing industry and promote professional business practices as the industry currently operates in an entirely unregulated environment and has come under scrutiny from the public.

What amendments can we expect?  

Some of the amendments will include tow-truck operators having to carry cards issued by registering authorities which will state the tow truck operator’s trade name, type of business, postal and street address, contact details and an original tax clearance certificate.

Particulars of the tow truck operator and the driver will have to be printed on the Tow Truck Operator Card. These include the full name, identity number, photograph of the person and contact details.

The amended proposed Bill will also provide for the MEC to create prescribe requirements to be followed by the operator of a tow truck on a public road. These will also include an enabling mechanism for the appointment of an inspectorate of breakdown vehicle operators which is currently the function of the Gauteng Traffic Police Department.

The new policy will ultimately regulate the tow truck industry, promote road traffic safety and support economic growth and development of this transport sub-sector.


The drafting of the bill is almost done but has not yet been promulgated. Until such time as this bill is made law the onus is on the individual to keep vigilant when dealing with tow truck operators and tow truck operating businesses need follow the progression of this bill as it may have major effects to their businesses.


  • Although there is no specific tribunal or ombudsman that is specifically created to deal with the tow trucking industry, consumers may still refer their complaints against tow truck operators to the Consumer Commission Offices located country wide. As an owner it might be worth your while to discuss the consequences of such a complaint with your legal services provider.

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